IMG_2860 IMG_2823 IMG_2840 IMG_2837 IMG_2839 IMG_2849 IMG_2834 IMG_2827 IMG_2878 IMG_2882 IMG_2864 IMG_2824

Idea and images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen ©

You know, our little girl is getting teeth at this moment, and are therefor crying alot during the nights. Despite this, I actually lie awake the hours she´s not crying… My head work in magical ways during the night. Here the other day I lie awake for three hours making my own interior design collection, in my head. I also created both concept and logo. The only thing that´s missing is production.. and buyers:D haha!

Well, one of the things from my imaginery “TANGEN DESIGN” collection is the Tipi lamp. © Idea and images Elisabeth Tangen Johansen. If sharing link back to this blog 🙂 Thank´s! 🙂

It´s such an easy DIY, and so fun to make. I love the mix between expensive design, cheap redesign and almost free DIY design at home. They all have one thing in common- it´s all design! 😀

Hope you´ll have a great start on what could be a FAB! weekend.



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