355-Mansfield-07-1150x767 355-Mansfield-08-1150x767 355-Mansfield-06-1150x767 355-Mansfield-05-850x566 355-Mansfield-04-1150x747 355-Mansfield-01-1150x767 355-Mansfield-03-1150x752 355-Mansfield-09-1150x767 355-Mansfield-11-1150x767 355-Mansfield-12-1150x773 355-Mansfield-13-1150x767 355-Mansfield-14-1150x1656 355-Mansfield-15-1134x1700 355-Mansfield-17-1134x1700 355-Mansfield-19-1150x767 355-Mansfield-20-1150x767 355-Mansfield-27-1150x767 355-Mansfield-28-1150x767 355-Mansfield-22-1150x767 355-Mansfield-24-1150x767 355-Mansfield-29-1150x1599 355-Mansfield-31-1150x765 355-Mansfield-37-1150x767

Images: homedsgn.com

This house. Oh lord! So incredibly beautiful. Do not think you realize how much I love the entrance! The wall, the stairs, the railing, the lamps .. everything! Not to mention the master bedroom. THE BED D Personally, I have chosen two black barcelona chairs instead, but otherwise .. Ahh-I think I have a crush!

Remember, everything is allowed! There is no shame in mixing different styles at the interior front. It might just be beneficial to have a common thread in the interior. Be bold, it’s going to be beautiful!

What do you think about the contemporary style? 🙂

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