Month: July 2014



Hi guys!

Vacation mode on the blog these days. We´re off to France tomorrow, so I will go “offline” next week. Though- I´ll update you on instagram so go follow pureinterior_ if you want to come with us to the land of great wine! 😀 *laughs*

Have a fantastic week. Can not wait to show you my grandparents house in France when we get back. It´s amazing!!



IMG_7675 IMG_7671 IMG_7688 IMG_7686 IMG_7689

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

You only need; big frames, Revs magazine and some wasi tape. These posters are easy, fun, simple and so SOO (!) cheap! For your information, the magazine can be bought at your local Narvesen store if you live in Norway, and the frames are from Ikea (39,- NOK each- OMG! I know, it´s almost free :O !)

Have a great creative day, I´m off to the beach again. Need to fill up the energy 😀




Image: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Hey guys!

Slightly less blogging these days. counting on there are more who are in the vacation mode!
We will soon be heading out to the beach. Just wanted to give you a sneak peek at the new pictures in my living room. Showing you more later.

Have a lovely day!



IMG_7649 IMG_7646 IMG_7654 IMG_7652

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

I enjoy the latest issue of the magazine, REVS. Has spent much of the day on holiday shopping, we are getting ready for next Monday. Then we are off to France. I go to training soon before it is set for girl’s night at Charlotte´s. With accommodation. Just sayin .. This is going to be a good night!



IMG_7639 IMG_7635 IMG_7640 IMG_7556 IMG_7570 IMG_7598 IMG_7602 IMG_7630 IMG_7633 IMG_7644

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

… we have a blast inside!

XoXo E & C


IMG_7513 IMG_7528 IMG_7517 IMG_7512 IMG_7541

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

OH-MY-GOD!! The house is cleen and I am HAPPY 😀

Have you had a nice weekend? We‘ve cleaned the house and cuddled our baby all weekend. Family TimeCeline got her first real walking shoes yesterday, along with the world’s coolest “walking car”.. Kick start to our holiday. Since the house is finally to live in again, I start the holiday with a clear conscience and some kitchen details for you.

Wish you a nice Sunday! See you later for some Sunday inspiration. Stay tuned!




IMG_7543 IMG_7546 IMG_7548  IMG_7551

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

I’ll take a SIPP of this drink and tell you the truth. A day does not have enough hours. Simple as that. It is a statement that is repeated in spinning lessons I use to be on; You’re not running the day, the day is running you”. With kids, dogs, exercise, house, friends and family it will not be much time left for the blog. Moreover, the house has not been cared for the past week. So the only thing you saw if I had shared photos with you had been the world‘s biggest dust-balls. * laughs *

… And let‘s be honest, Who is interested in seeing dust-balls in an interior blog?