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Images & Styling: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen


Here is my contribution to this month’s competition with Norwegian Interior bloggers, NIB. The Home Office. Fingers crossed!

Have a great evening dear readers. Am so glad you stop by, and I am so grateful for all the likes and comments ♥

Love E



  1. Love this! Love the idea of hanging the magazines from clothes hangers under the chair….love the hand on the wall holding the light!! love it!! I am just in the process of doing up our loft space into a home office, and have been searching the NIB utfordringen for some inspiration (I always seem to be just too late to participate , hah!!) Could I please use one of your pictures in my post about inspiring office spaces on my blog: ? I will of course credit you with the image and link back here to your fab blog(new follower!!) And you have my vote in the NIB utfordringen!! Please let me know asap!! xxxJune

    1. Hi June! 🙂

      Thanks for all your kind words. This is highly appreciated. And hey, I would be honored if you use one or more of my pictures in one of your blogposts 😀 Thank you so much for asking 🙂 Iiiih, fingers crossed, I really hope I’ll make it to the finally in this months NIB contest! 😀

      Love your blog btw, new follower for you as well 😀 So cool with the Cosmo awards, I’ll be voting for you 🙂

      xo Elisabeth

  2. Hi Elisabeth, just found this blogpost and liked the lamp idea so much that I wrote a little blogpost on it. I linked the images to your blog. Hope you don’t mind.
    Great job!

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