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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

The car is ready and the only thing missing is me and Celine. Road trip candy is wrapped, and wedding magazines is prepared. Inspirationwelcome!



april collage

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

You guys, it’s still bright outside! It’s almost 9 at night, and it is bright! Cheers: D I love it!

I love sitting in the living room and look beyond my dining room from this angle. Then I have listing of all my favorite designers at the same time. Have fallen in love with a new chair now. From Bloomingville. The problem is just that I find it hard to get hold of it. Do not know if any stores still have it. Showing you afterwards! Maybe you know where it is sold?! STAY TUNED!


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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

I love that it’s sunny! !!It’s sunny and it‘s Easter and I have maternity leave with the world’s finest daughter. Life could not be better:D

Last night I painted the dark wall at the dining table white… Nice for a change, and delicious with cleaner lines in the interior. In the clothing way however, is the pattern from head to toe today! 😀

Have a great day everyone, and remember to S M I L E!



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

.. I eat lunch with my favorite cup from Arne Jacobsen, and my two favorite people. My better half and Celine.

Wish you a nice Sunday! It‘s so weird that it‘s Easter already .. Oh, time goes by too fast On the other hand we walk towards brighter times and that is delicious. Tomorrow I am going to throw me over the outside area again.




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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Kitchen details. Black. White. Marble. Nicolas Vahé, Arne Jacobsen and House Doctor. The perfect combination!



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

HI Sweeties!

Before I’m going to throw me out on the terrace with the washing bucket I have to show you a little sneak peek of our coffee table. I’ve gone for high gloss white in square shape. A fairly simple table, which fits in well with the rest of the interior in the living room.The concert yesterday was really good! We were not home until nearly 2 o’clock in the night, so I’m reasonable tired right now Even well its is sunny outside. It gives me tons of energy!

HAve a lovely day!


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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Good morning guys! 😀

The sun shines today also, and it makes me so happy! As I sit to look at the world’s finest baby, which otherwise has catch a cold, I enjoy some delicious mango: D YUM! This day will run from end to end. Starting with early dinner visit one o’clock, before heading to the capital city around four o’clock. We’re going to a concert with the childhood love * Hold on * Backstreet Boys! * laughs *Keeps you updated throughout the day😀 Must show the cool clock that finally came in the mail yesterday! 😀



PicMonkey Collage

I found this cool free calendar from RK Design // I made my own designer lamp- The Tipilamp by “TANGEN DESIGN”PicMonkey Collage1

I got started on the bedroom and shared some details with you. You will see some more of that this month!:D

PicMonkey Collage2

I went shopping in Oslo with my precious little baby.. more than once!

PicMonkey Collage3

I Found the perfect pineapple // Finally I got Noahs Træ by Noah

PicMonkey Collage6

Made myself lots og Himmeli´s // Got this cool idea of making geometric paper decor from Kreavilla

PicMonkey Collage7

Got myself some art on our walls // 3D from KRISTINA DAM STUDIO

PicMonkey Collage8

Got hooked on green // Made some DIY geometric boxes

PicMonkey Collage9

Finished my DIY leather shelves. So happy with the result! 😀


Kinda got hooked on geometric pattern as well, so painted the kitchen wall in three fresh spring colors!


Made myself a DIY wooden hanger // Used the rest of the wooden pearls to make decoration


Enjoyed the sight of our new green wall // Used the rest of the wall paint to make a graphic picture inspired by DesignLykke.


Made an office space in our living room // Drank to much coffe! “DURACELL”

PicMonkey Collage10

Made this cool DIY copper lantern // Got marble on my mind!


Found this super cool flea market monkey!

PicMonkey Collage4

Bought my very first designer chairs. Wire from James Burgess // Diamond Chair from DanForm. I´m in love!

Btw… one more in my collection.. I´ll show you tomorrow! 😀