Ferm Living


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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

The Ferm Living basket I won at Lunehjem the other day is used to gather the toys and carpets to our little daughter… I just love the colors and pattern at it!




Image: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Hey, what´s not to love about this houseplant?! It´s green, it´s alive and it nearly dosen´t need any care… It´s perfect!

Btw, I´ve changed the office space again. haha!… needed a more femenine look to it. Everything else is so masculine in our living room at this time, so I´ve changed back to the white legs! I´ll show you more later…



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Images: fermliving.com

Love the new collection from Ferm Living.It makes me… happy! 😀

Adding some geometric shapes from Ferm Living into my office space got me totaly hung up on it. So yesterday I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, but all I could think of was how to add some more of it into my home. Therefor, I think I will start on the kitchen next week… making an geometric wall! 😀 I love the idea of strict lines against a colorful mess. Systematically mess of course.

Have a nice day everyone! 🙂



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Hi guys!

So I went to Møbelgården today…. again… My little sweetheart baby was home with her father! …And F I N A L Y they got the wooden hand by HAY back in. It took me about 2 hours to get a very slim wallet, and a lot of materialistic happiness! So now I´m up with a new project. I´m making myself an office space. I´ll show you the result as soon as I´m all done 🙂