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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Sunday. My man. My baby. My dogs. My black coffe. My bed.

Got to love it!



Okay, so NIB has a competition going. In connection with Trondheim DESIGNEVENT, they share two tickets for the best interpretation of the trends for 2014. This is my contribution.

I have chosen to embrace this year’s color, and therefore went for the blue-green color, #Lofoten. It gives me a wonderful spring feeling, while creating a comfortable calm in our living room. I have brought the same shades of color into some of the interior details to create a whole in our home. If you have three things at home in the same shade, you have a brand new home. Welcome spring!





Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Wishing you all a good weekend! I have made ​​three cakes today and our girl is teething, so the last nights have been characterized by lack of sleep and a lot of tears. So with baby in one arm and the mixing bowl in the other, the day has really just flown in from me.

Anyways, going to show you a super easy DIY afterwards. So feel free to stop later tonight :D



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Images here.

Hello lovely readers!

First I want to say thank you for stopping by. It’s so much fun to write and share with you when I see that the response is increasing!♥

As you know NIB was here on Monday and took photos to a interior magazine, I will soon be fronted in. Great fun and exciting to be allowed to be part of this. One of the reasons I said yes when the cute girls behind NIB asked me was because I love seeing other people’s homes. It gives me lots of inspiration. This, I hope that I give you. Both through the blog and now in a interior magazine near you 🙂

On the basis that I personally find it inspiring to see someone else’s home, I want to start up a new post on this blog, A house that inspire. Here you will see different interior styles and exciting products, great furniture and lovely design.
Sound good?