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Following post will be written in Norwegian. Images & styling: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen 

I samarbeid med IKEA har NIB en konkurranse gående hvor vi skal vise vår egen “en god dag starter her” pakke. For meg starter en god dag med TID til overs, eller det å ikke tenke på tiden i det hele tatt.. TID til å nyte. Nyte stillheten, roen, barnelatter, fuglesang, svart kaffe og eggene som spraker i stekepanna. Nyte 5 minutter alene før jeg skal nyte resten av dagen sammen med andre 🙂 En god dag for meg starter med TID til #hverdagslykke.

Lar bildene snakke for seg selv.

 IMG_8301IMG_8264 IMG_8266 IMG_8273 IMG_8281 IMG_8286IMG_8268IMG_8283 IMG_8285 IMG_8284

Carpet, yellow bowl & table / IKEA // Scissors, wodden hand & Chair / HAY DESIGN //



IMG_8028 IMG_8029 IMG_8031 IMG_8040 IMG_8044 IMG_8047 IMG_8048 IMG_8051 IMG_8056 IMG_8057 IMG_8070 IMG_8034 IMG_8072 IMG_8076 IMG_8074 IMG_8078

Images & Styling: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen


Here is my contribution to this month’s competition with Norwegian Interior bloggers, NIB. The Home Office. Fingers crossed!

Have a great evening dear readers. Am so glad you stop by, and I am so grateful for all the likes and comments ♥

Love E



IMG_6459 IMG_6460

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Hi guys!

What a busy day!!! There has been non-stop since 0600 am today. Celine teething, no more words to say. But I have managed to bake a cake for tomorrow and I have made ​​two weeks with dinner for my girl. Now Celine will take a nap, and then I will take the chance to get me a coffee break 🙂 First today. About time!

Wish you a nice start to the weekend.



IMG_5877 IMG_5907 IMG_5902 IMG_5909

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

The car is ready and the only thing missing is me and Celine. Road trip candy is wrapped, and wedding magazines is prepared. Inspirationwelcome!



IMG_5697 IMG_5703 IMG_5701 IMG_5699 IMG_5700

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Morning guys!

Busy day coming up! Need to work on this weekends cake order. After that I am going to meet Caroline, Nelia and Siri. We’re going to roll, and I decide to throw it under the30 minutes” of the day. I‘ve decided to exercise at least 30 minutes each day. Better than nothing right?

Have a fabulous Friday! See you later: D


IMG_5473 IMG_5478 IMG_5472

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

I enjoy 5 minutes of complete silence until it is ON again! Going to be with the girls tonight! Can not wait: D .. but first, the latest issue of DESIGN Interior. Congratulations to Henriette, Designlykke, which adorn much of it. Well deserved! 🙂


IMG_5469 IMG_5463 IMG_5470

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

I love that it’s sunny! !!It’s sunny and it‘s Easter and I have maternity leave with the world’s finest daughter. Life could not be better:D

Last night I painted the dark wall at the dining table white… Nice for a change, and delicious with cleaner lines in the interior. In the clothing way however, is the pattern from head to toe today! 😀

Have a great day everyone, and remember to S M I L E!



red1 IMG_5457 IMG_5454 IMG_5453

Styling & Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Assuming it does not come as a shock that my chair designed by Konstantin Grcic tops the list! Still have a crush! * laughs *

Got a challenge on Instagram to showcase my favorite design in the home. I thought I could show off the results here as well, but if you want feel free to follow me on Instagram too.: pureinterior_

XX Elisabeth


IMG_5066 IMG_5092 IMG_5089 IMG_5082 IMG_5083 IMG_5072 IMG_5069 IMG_5073 IMG_5074 IMG_5077

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Good evening guys!

Celine is finally in bed and I’m finally ready to put me down! Here is the chicken salad, Paradise Hotel and Insta inspo on the menu. Lovely ending to a nice day: D

Met the girls behind the store, Rogn Belysning earlier today and by all means DO NOT let the name fool you!!! This is not just a lamp store, but an interior heaven! Definitely worth taking the trip. The store is located at Stathelle, and have customers from many places in Norway. Did among others things got the kitchen scissors from HAY! Finally 😀

Was also in love with the new size of the black and white Kahler vase, so I think I´ll be waiting to buy it until they arrive in the store!

Have a lovely evening guys!



IMG_4972 IMG_4958 IMG_4960 IMG_4979 IMG_4965 IMG_4968 IMG_4969 IMG_4971 IMG_4974

Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Kitchen details. Black. White. Marble. Nicolas Vahé, Arne Jacobsen and House Doctor. The perfect combination!