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Images & Styling: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Friday and even better- W E E K E N D ! !

I´m soon heading out with the girls. Can you see any changes? I´ve taken down our upstairs table. Love the two of them together in our living room. The “new” table is a redesign I made last winter. The table top is an old marble plate and the bottom is a steel “thing” I found at Skrottor and then spray painted black. Cool, huh?! 😀

Got to run. See you later!

Xx Elisabeth




Image: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Using one of the crystal candlestick and a plate from IKEA I made a pedestal for my shoes in the living room. Sited it on top of one of the wooden boxes I have from, so that it became a little height in relation to the dining table. Show you more of it tomorrow. Now- modern family, waffles and boyfriend time 😀

What do you think? yey or ney?




Picked up this golden lamp at skrottor last week. They move and gave in that connection away a lot for free. Since it did not fit in anywhere I sprayed it black, and finally we have more light in the 2nd floor. Perfect!

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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen


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Images: Elisabeth Tangen johansen

Good evening guys!

Ohhh, what a lovely day this has been. Me and Celine have really enjoyed the sun. She has felt the grass today, with bare arms and toes. She is so sweet. Attracts the legs and curl the toes when the grass tickles her.

Now I’m ready for this weeks 3 running session. We start training week on Sunday instead of Monday. This way I avoid any kind of blue Monday”! I have a goal to reach before I buy my wedding dress in August. So I got to keep up! At least five days a week. I can thank myself. I have been lazy ass over the last year. * laughs *

Got to run! PS! Check insta. Have a giveaway going! : D Tell you later; *



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Nice to see the sun through the window again 😀

As I sit here and feed my daughter I enjoy the sight of the the living room upstairs that finally beginning to get finished! On the other hand I have a tendency to not be able to sit still … So what’s next? Paint the kitchen tiles? Throw me into the “project” entrance? Get started on the children’s room? Or sell off some more so I can afford to complete the dining room? There is certainly plenty to do

So, I better get started! See you later.



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen JOhansen

Love my yellow lamp from Bråkig by ArtRebels for Ikea. Also love that the collection is a limited edition collection!



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

I love this Cube candlestick from Bolia. Almost as much as the sun. Almost