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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Clothes are, and becomes a part of the interior Just like a stylish designer chair, one pair of shoes from Acne Design is a work of art. And the artwork is to be presented. Right?! 😀 I am hanging up my clothes in these hooks from Love them! They can be used for so much and I have both the black and copper.

Time is running from me today .. Have a little girl who is teething .. again! Here are the days of comfort and coziness… Little paint on hands or paste between my fingersin other words 😉 *laughs* But the creativity is there, so just wait for ittomorrow I plan to at least get the dining table completed. Showing you ASAP!



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

We all know that there are quite popular to mix both surface finishes and metals these days. I have been inspired and the hallway ended up in the color soft blackwith both gold and copper details.

Show you some more details from our hallway later… Right now I´m heading out for a walk with a friend of mine 😀 Have a beautiful day!!



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This house. Oh lord! So incredibly beautiful. Do not think you realize how much I love the entrance! The wall, the stairs, the railing, the lamps .. everything! Not to mention the master bedroom. THE BED D Personally, I have chosen two black barcelona chairs instead, but otherwise .. Ahh-I think I have a crush!

Remember, everything is allowed! There is no shame in mixing different styles at the interior front. It might just be beneficial to have a common thread in the interior. Be bold, it’s going to be beautiful!

What do you think about the contemporary style? 🙂