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IMG_8189 IMG_8190 IMG_8192 IMG_8193Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen


All rooms deserve a living plant. In the kitchen, I usually always fresh herbs. The fresh, organic feel gives life to the room and tastes heavenly in the food.

Speaking of, must throw me around. Dinner time!

Xx Elisabeth 🙂




Image: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

is definitely black coffee … We’ve been up since at 0600, but know that it is only now that the day starts. * laughs *
I must have at least two cups of coffee before I at all is close to what can be called usable. It will be a busy day for us today, with many plans on the agenda. The black wall / cube of mine is finished. Can not wait to show you!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

XX Elisabeth

temporary solution :: office

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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen


Interior-Design-in-Sydney-03-1150x625 Interior-Design-in-Sydney-04 Interior-Design-in-Sydney-05-1150x835 Interior-Design-in-Sydney-06-1150x1408 Interior-Design-in-Sydney-07-1150x1355 Interior-Design-in-Sydney-02-1-1150x790 Interior-Design-in-Sydney-02-1150x656 Interior-Design-in-Sydney-10-1150x766 Interior-Design-in-Sydney-12-1150x767 Interior-Design-in-Sydney-14 Interior-Design-in-Sydney-11 Interior-Design-in-Sydney-08


Industrial. Contemporary. Clean. Green. Barcelona. Eames. Marble. Black. PURE PERFECTION!


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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Not only did I get one of my beloved ones home yesterday I got two!! Sindre finally came home from Oslo, and his better half (me 😀) had sent him on a mission. My kind gentleman came therefore home with my other love yesterday … CHAIR ONE!! * Scream *

Finally you are mine! I’m thrilled! : D

Magis Chair One is designed in 2003 by Konstantin Grcic. Designer Konstantin Grcic wanted to use the least material to create the most product. His goal was to combine comfort with structure. And for me, this is pure art. I love it!