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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

I’ve just gone in when it started to drip a little outside …. Came home from this weeks 5 and the last running session for almost 4 hours ago. There has never tasted so good with a glass of wine!

Anyways, I visited skrottor today. They are unfortunately moving from Skien: ( …upturn of this is that I had with me two of these for free. Found two racks I thought I could use as flower boxes! Cool, huh?

Hope you have a super Friday. Here it´s soon food on the table, so I got to go!

Love Elisabeth


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Idea and Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

… and the music is on! What a lovely day. While I´m enjoyed my morning coffee, I thought I’d give you a little update.

We’re going to my in-laws in Hallingdal today. It is too long since the last time, so will be super nice to see them again. Bags are packed with both swimwear and woolen socks. Hemsedal here we come!

Has nevertheless some updates in wait for you! Among other things, some delicious light inspiration and a slightly different wall decoration. So – stay tuned 😀

Have a great friday everyone!



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Idea & Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Hi guys!

Have to show my new readers one of the DIY project I´m most proud of- the TIPI lamp! I love it. So… Scandinavian! ♥

Late update today… The weather is just too great to stay inside… Therefore I took my girl outside playing house today. Now I´m ready for todays second “30 minutes training”. Skipped the running yesterday, so I´m starting the week with a double.

Have a great evening, got to R U N!!

Love Elisabeth 😀




Image: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

… is directly at this DIY lamp that I´ve made! Love it 😀

Another thing I love is today. Sun, sun and even more sun. Like living in LA… well, maybe not exactly like that, but this is amazing. Taste of summer!

Hope you are enjoying this day. S M I L E ♥