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Images: Elisabeth Tangen johansen


Love my new black and white pillows! I think they match the wall pretty good! ;D

Well, 1 day to go before V A C A Y and hunting down the perfect dress. Can not belive it, the day is here. I think it will dawn on me that I will marry when I try wedding dresses. Have not tried a single one, and I’m open to everything. Know indeed that I get a little butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. 3 years ago proposed the best man to me, and in less than a year I will be allowed to marry him with the world’s coolest daughter as the bridesmaid

No, enough talk … I must pack !! Heard by the way that they have Zara Home in Warsaw. * iiik * I am so ready for a real shopping trip, so this will be awesome!

hugs & kisses



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

I found this woolen blanket on KID other day. It could not fit better into our living room! 😀 I absolutely LOVE the color!

Anyways, soon I throw myself over the second coat of paint in the kitchen. Can not wait to see the result! … but first I’m enjoying a cup of coffee while I try to wake up a bit😉

♥ Elisabeth