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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Hey you!

God, for some busy days. And funny. So funny !! Warsaw, is perfect. I can not wait till I‘ll be back. Takes 4-6 months to order the dress, so next year I’m going back for fitting.

Anyway, new week, Monday, new opportunities. This will be an exciting week. Have a lot of fun going on these days that I´m looking forward to share with you. Most likely this week!

Must also try to make some changes. Kitchen wall will be painted, I’ll make lounge in the living room and paint the wall behind the tv again. If there’s time is a different matter

Hope you had a nice start to the week! L O V E ♥





Image: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

HEY from me and HAY!

It’s raining today and it´s actually A-OK. More time to cuddle with my little girl ♥ In addition it matches the theme I have chosen to the NIB challenge. Speaking of… It´s up next on the blog 😀

See you later!




Image: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

…another sunny day! Whats going on? The weather went from winter to summer in no time! Not complaining though, I L O V E this:D

What are your plans today? I´m going to swim with my little daughter before I´m heading out to buy some new paint to the green wall. Ready for making some changes soon!!




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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

I love these napkins from Ferm Living, and finally they came to use. It was so incredibly fun on Saturday! We started the day with a Champagne breakfast... The rest of the day was spent laughing, singing, drinking wine, being with friends and engage in silliness. SO MUCH FUN!

Therefore needed a full blown break yesterday. And before the world’s best daughter came home I was very good friends with the couch .. * laughs * Today I am on my feet again, and now the body should be enjoying some sunshine on the porch.

See you later!