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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Oh you, I‘ve taken some time off today. Free from everything. And it was delicious. I’ve just gone a long trip with the boys (dogs) and along the way I found these leaves. The best things in life are free, someone said. And it’s true!

The leaves gives me inspiration. The wonderful pattern and the fine shape makes me want to make something. Something new. Something different. Must sleep on it!

Enjoy the evening!

Love Elisabeth



Image: Solveig Grøvle // NIB

I just have to show you this photo! I simply LOVE it 😀 A huge thanks to Solveig, who not only took pictures of my home but also my most beautiful treasure!

On my way out the door .. baby swimming with my family. Oh dear pear (a phrase I use, haha), I’m SO happy! 😀
Lots of love – Elisabeth