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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Good morning! 😀

Delicious with a day off?! For me going the days a little confused. Every day is a Saturday and I enjoy it to the fullest, because before I know it I’m back at work. Starting June 10 and know I get a stomach ache when I think about it. Are physically sick thinking about all the hours I will be away from C! # separation anxiety

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day with sunshine, friends, family and relaxation. Now I work a little, so that all of you who have booked the #blacklady poster soon will get it home😀




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Let´s have some garden talk… The pictures speaks for itself dosen´t it?:D



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Good morning guys!

I bought myself some fresh flowers yesterday. Love this Hawaiian rose! 😀

Anyways, another sunny day. This is crazy!!! How fortunate we are. The sun makes me so happy! 😀 I’m currently trying to book hours in bridal salons. Going to Warzava in August to find my dress. Can not wait!! Afterwards I’m going out on this weeks 2 workout before it is baby swimming with my little angel. But first… H E L L O – S U N S H I N E ♥

Have a lovely day guys! What‘s the plan?



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

I’ve just gone in when it started to drip a little outside …. Came home from this weeks 5 and the last running session for almost 4 hours ago. There has never tasted so good with a glass of wine!

Anyways, I visited skrottor today. They are unfortunately moving from Skien: ( …upturn of this is that I had with me two of these for free. Found two racks I thought I could use as flower boxes! Cool, huh?

Hope you have a super Friday. Here it´s soon food on the table, so I got to go!

Love Elisabeth


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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

I´m outside allready.. The sun is up, the coffe is warm and so am I! 🙂

Hope you´ll have a FAB! monday. Remember – S M I L E.

Elisabeth 😀