IMG_7965Image: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Hey you.

Long time, no see! I needed a real vacation disconnected from everyday life and all type of media that I otherwise is surrounded by.
Now I’m back and ready for another fall with new challenges. Both at work, at home and here on the blog.

Celine starts kindergarten in the morning and after a few days of introduction, it is time for full speed at work. New customers, new projects, exciting times. The blog also has an exciting autumn coming up. First and of all I will change a bit here at home again. About time! * laughs *
Later in the fall you will find our home in the Norwegian magazine “BoligPluss” iand also on the Ikeafamily home” website. Exciting! I´ll keep you updated.

Hope you had a nice summer and will continue to follow me on into a new era with new opportunities.

LOVE ♥ e



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Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Do you see the big gray pillows on the sofa? They are newly purchased and come from the House Doctor! love their products… They have so much cool stuff, and reasonably price range too. I’m not not so happy with our couch right now, it gets a little too romantic for me, so I therefore fill it up with any other color than the original color! A good backup solution! 😉